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No, really... (blogtoberfest day 17)

No, really

I'm starting to question the wisdom (read: gung-ho, reckless enthusiasm) of taking the Blogging Your Way course and committing to Blogtoberfest at the same time. Then again, it's so fun, it's worth it to occasionally resort to a picture and a blurb like this to make sure I hit the every day goal of Blogroberfest. So here it is. I'm laying it all out: I like beer. Specifically, local beer. This is a sticker on the wall of Toronado. Where I went with my husband this evening to enjoy Local Pint Night--when beers from local breweries are $3. I won't say it was a well-deserved break. It wasn't. But well enjoyed? Yes indeed.

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Reader Comments (2)

I like beer too. This place sounds like a place my husband and I would enjoy. And $3 for a pint?1 Nice! He's brewing his own right now. What kind did you have last night?

October 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnn

Monday night I drank Alpine Nelson, which is a Rye IPA. It's probably my favorite beer right now. We brew at home too, though we have nothing in the works right now. We're going to brew a stout this month though. :)

October 19, 2011 | Registered CommenterChristy

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